Vanessa - 25 - SoCal- Fangirl, College Grad (holy shit), and Crazy. Seriously obsessed with Teen Wolf right now. I also love Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and probably other stuff I can't think of night now. (Sidebar image by laheyisaacs)

#i love that neither of them are threatened in the slightest #oh derek you are such a scary werewolf with your extra long jacket sleeves and your adorable bunny teeth (via)

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Forever reblogging this, the ultimate bitch face.

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TEEN WOOF by Madeline Hrybyk

(watch it. i’m serious)

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okay well, after two days of animating, ive finished this heaping pile of shit for the internet. enjoy the worst teen wolf animation/voice acting ever


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I think today that you’ll be seeing a lot of posts like this as rumours about BiteCon circulate among fandom. It’s really disconcerting to see as someone who is loving the hell out of BiteCon that so many people who aren’t here are talking about how much of a flop it is.

BiteCon is amazing. No…

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We need a real alpha. You know what I mean. An alpha who can do ‘alpha things’, you know? An alpha who can get it going, you know, get it- up? 
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