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Cookie Time!!!

SOooooooo, I wanted to make cookies for the Whovians Eatting Cookies thingy (and cuz I’ll take any excuse to make and eat cookies), and what follows is my cookie adventure!! (plz enjoy)

First I go to gather my ingredients… but… what is this?!


okok… calm down… we’ll just make a quick pit stop at the store!!


TA DA!!! Flour and sugar!! Now we can gather the rest of the ingredients!

Everyone accounted for! Now for the dry stuff

All mixed and ready! Now for the “wet” stuff

I know butter and sugar doesn’t look “wet” but after some mixing…

TA DA!! Now to add an egg and vanilla

WOOT! Now to mix the “wet” and dry!

Mix mix mix!!!!

COOKIE DOUGH!!! Now we need the super good stuff…

CHOCOLATE!! Now lets roll into balls.

Woot! Now make sure the oven is set to delicious!!

Now BAKE!!!

Smells good!!! I think they’re done!!

After a second of resting, so they don’t fall apart, all the cookies can be plated! (you know… so they look purty!)


Gooey! Just how I like em!


Hope you enjoyed the cookie adventure!! I’ma go pig out!

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