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First Christmas at Home

Last year my best friend had beautiful twin baby girls who were born about¬†two months too early. They spent December, Janurary, and most of Febuary in the NICU. This year is their first Christmas at home, and so my friend is treating it as their frist Christmas, since their “actual” first one was spent attached to wires and tubes.

As soon as finals are over, I’m gonna be spending all of my time helping my friend plan a super awesome Christmas party :D

The babies are a year old, and doing awesome, dispite the fact that they were born so early. Tuesday is their 1st birthday (which makes me wanna cry, thinking about it) and then CHRISTMAS! I plan on making goodies (mostly sugar free), and helping her to decorate. :)

It’s gonna be awesome. :D

 (my boyfriend and I holding the twins we they were about 6 months old)

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