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Forest Nymph: A trilogy 

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ate 80% of the mango before my body said “nah”

this is awful

it was a mango you guys

a mango

i should have been able to eat all of it in like 15 seconds

this is so sad

i am sad


look at this flawless freaking woman


look at this flawless freaking woman

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found a mango

chowing down

fruit is apparently ok right now

i made crab cakes

and they’re good

but i took one bite

and i don’t want them anymore??

this has been happening to me all day

i get food

and then i feel like puking or something when i take a bite


what is this

Superhero Selfie Saturday




Your missions is simple: take a selfie inspired by a superhero (or villain) you love and post tag it ‘superhero selfie saturday’ to celebrate the wonderful characters we love in all movies and comic books and shows and to celebrate ourselves

Anything inspired by superheroes counts from a superhero t-shirt to a full cosplay selfie or a closet cosplay or maybe a business inspired outfit or just borrowing a color scheme. Have fun and be creative!

oh no I love doing this GUESS I HAVE TO PICK AN OUTFIT


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there are frozen crab cakes in the freezer

i am assuming they were there for easter

too bad

now they are mine

i am hungry

i think i want fried rice

but its so late

and i don’t wanna make anything

damn it


Hoechlin + prince hair & biceps [x]

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